Make your own Jigsaw

Perfect for a rainy day and fun for all the family.






You will need:

an A4 piece of cardboard or cereal packet

an A4 piece of plain paper

colouring pens or paints

a pencil



1. Cover the piece of cardboard with glue and stick the piece of plain paper on top. Leave to dry.

2. Using your favourite pens or paints, draw and colour in a picture of your choice. Or why not cut out pictures from magazines and stick to the paper. Leave to dry.

3. With a pencil draw jigsaw pieces all over your picture making sure they are next to each other and covering the whole piece of paper.

4. Then carefully with a pair of scissors (or get an adult to help) cut out the jigsaw pieces.

5. Then all thats left to do is put the picture back together again. Or play with a friend and see if they can guess your picture.


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