Make Your Own Kookey Chef Eggs

With Easter coming turn your favourite Kookey Chefs into eggs. It is really simple and great fun.






You will need:

Food colouring: Orange, Pink, Purple, Green & Blue

5 hard boiled duck eggs (or normal eggs although the colours won’t be as vibrant)

5 tsp white wine vinegar

5 mugs or small bowls

A spoon or tongs

Coloured paper, glue, paint, glitter, string, pens or anything else you would like to decorate your eggs with

1. To colour your eggs put 1 tsp vinegar into each mug of bowl.

2. Add a few drops of your chosen food colourings into each bowl, use 1 colour per mug or bowl.

3. Get an adult to help and pour boiling water into each mug or bowl. BE CAREFUL AS THIS IS HOT!!

4. REMEMBER THIS IS HOT!! Using the spoon or tongs carefully lower an egg into each mug or bowl. Leave to stand for 5 -20 minutes depending on what colour you would like your eggs.

5. Carefully remove the eggs from the dye and drain on kitchen paper.

6. Once dry, using glue, decorate the eggs to look like The Kookey Chefs or however you like. Go crazy and unleash your inner artist!

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