Meet The Kookey Chefs



Hi my name is Paulie. I am age 12, I love Italian food and my favourite ingredient is pasta. There is so much you can do with it. You can eat it hot or cold, at lunch or dinner and it goes with almost everything.

You can even make pudding with it!! My ultimate kitchen tool is a slotted spoon. I use it everyday when cooking, to carefully lower my pasta into the boiling water. I hope you enjoy my book – Cook Pasta with Paulie.



Hi my name is Rizzo. I am age 12 and my favourite food is rice. Those tiny grains are just so delicious. Whether you eat rice hot or cold it is great any day of the week. I love long grain, basmati, wild rice, risotto rice and Thai Jasmine to name but a few and when I want a pudding I use short grain pudding rice.

For me my favourite kitchen tool is a fine colander or sieve. Without these Mrs. Spice wouldn’t be able to drain my cooked rice. You have to be very careful when draining rice as the water is hot, hot, hot. But with the help of an adult you too can cook delicious rice main meals, side dishes or puddings. Have fun cooking x 



Hi my name is Tosdora. I am age 9, the youngest of The Kookey Chefs. My favourite food is toast! I just can’t get enough of it and it is so simple to make. First of all you have to choose what bread you like then whether you are going to fill the toast to make a toasted sandwich or just top it with something scrummy – sweet or savoury!

When Mrs. Spice isn’t looking I like to fill my toasted sandwich with sliced banana, peanut butter and chocolate spread – delicious!!! But without my toaster I would be lost, this has to be my favourite kitchen tool. So join me and celebrate the wonders of toast x



Hi my name is Bissit. I am age 10 and I love baking. Best of all I love to cook all sorts of biscuits from shortbread to chocolate chip cookies. There is always a reason to enjoy a biscuit, whether it is an after school treat, a present for your parents or something to share with your best friend.

My ultimate kitchen tool has to be my cookie cutters. I have a massive box full to the brim with different shaped cutters from animals to handbags. I hope you enjoy my new book – Bake Biscuits with Bissit.



Hi my name is Chuck. I am age 13 and my favourite food is chicken. I love it roasted, grilled, baked or even on the BBQ. I just tested my new recipe Spicy Drummers and Coleslaw for my book Cook Chicken with Chuck.

Cooking is so much fun and I love to cook healthy, yummy dishes that all my friends enjoy. I think my favourite kitchen tool would have to be a spoon. Boring you may say but for me it is crucial when carefully stirring my chicken dishes. Hope to share some of my recipes with you soon x