The Kookey Chefs story



How it all began

Once upon a time, on a far away planet called Kooktron lived The Kookey Chefs. This luscious planet was filled with everlasting veggie patches, abundant orchards and chocolate rivers. The Kookey Chefs all lived there happily growing vegetables, harvesting fruit and cooking all day long. Until one day, disaster struck and a terrible disease hit the crops leaving the land bare.



The mission

The King and Queen of Kooktron decided to send a core team of specialists on a mission to planet Earth. Their mission was to spread The Kookey Chef word and return with jars of seeds for planting on Kooktron to help revive the planet. What this strong team of 5 didn’t realise is that they were to embark on an adventure that would change the destiny of both their kind and humanity.



Travelling to Earth

So Paulie, Bissit, Chuck, Tosdora and Rizzo jumped into their panship, buckled up and travelled over 746 million miles, pass Saturn and landed on Earth in the United Kingdom with a bang!





Arriving in London

The first task was to find a new home. Paulie led the way and decided to head to London. He had heard stories when he was an apprentice on Kooktron about all the different foods and cuisine’s available to humans in the big city. Once in London the cheeky monsters found a family home in the leafy suburbs to hide in.




Cooking in secret

Each chef found their favourite ingredients and once the lights were out and the family were in their beds the chefs came out of hiding and started cooking. From Spicy Sausage Ragu by Paulie and Coconut Macaroon from Bissit they all got stuck  in, each whipping up new creations. As time passed Paulie and The Kookey Chefs had become lazy. They enjoyed their new surroundings, adventures and cooking, completely forgetting about their mission.



Being discovered

One dark and chilly night, after hours of cooking The Kookey Chefs had fallen asleep in the sink.  Paulie, Bissit, Chuck, Tosdora and Rizzo woke up suddenly to the kitchen shaking and rattling. They didn’t know what was happening. Then all of a sudden there was an almighty scream and the chefs came face to face with Mrs Spice!!! That was it – The Kookey Chefs had blown their cover. They had been found!!



Telling their story

Once everyone had calmed down Paulie explained to Mrs Spice who they were and the adventure that they had been on to save planet Kooktron. Mrs Spice said she would help but she knew it wasn’t going to be that easy – as they were monsters after all!

Gathering seedlings

Mrs Spice loved food and couldn’t think of anything better than cooking with her children. But many of her friends didn’t know how to cook and so were not passing on these skills to their children. Mrs Spice was very sad about this as she imagined the future on Earth with humanity never cooking and only eating ready meals..TOTAL DISASTER!

So together The Kookey Chefs and Mrs Spice decided that they could help each other. She said that if The Kookey Chefs could help her spread the knowledge about cooking then she would help get the seeds.


Making recipes

With help from the whole family each chef wrote a book about their favourite ingredients and thought that if they could get the children to love them, then the adults would too and a new cooking revolution on Earth would begin. Mrs Spice said that for every Kookey Chef apprentice that they could recruit she would give them 1 new seed for planting back on Kooktron.

And that’s how The Kookey Chefs came to earth. So tell all your friends…spread the word and help The Kookey Chefs complete their mission.